CANOPUS Crypto-currency

CANOPUS Crypto-currency is a special software solution designed for crypto currency providers, such as BTC wallets, BTC exchanges and the like.
The application is integrated with the BTC network and enables the following operations with Bitcoins:
Transfers to any BTC address
Trading (selling / buying) Bitcoin for traditional currencies
Cold storage
The generation of a new BTC address on the network
The P2P Bitcoin wallet, so-called ‘thin client’, enables storing a user’s private key right on the device, excluding the possibility of passing it on to a third party. In the P2P system, it is almost impossible to tamper with a transaction.
  • High-quality data encryption on the device combined with two-factor authentication technology used in the application will allow the user to avoid the risk of a third party taking possession of the private key and ensure their own funds are safe.
  • Public keys are stored on the server protected by Thales E-security hardware module, which provides maximum security of the system.
  • The application has been developed for iOS. Android and Windows Mobile versions are in the pipeline. The server software is built on the CANOPUS FS platform.

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