Canopus Connect is an advanced multi-channel front-end solution for banks, banks’ paying agents, retailers and service providers.

Canopus Connect
  • Canopus Connect is a front-end application designed to provide banking products and services across multiple digitally enabled distribution channels and manage accruals and payments just in one place.
  • Canopus Connect enables banks and payment service providers to significantly increase their revenues by bringing their products and services closer to customers via small retailers and large retail chains.
  • Canopus Connect is designed primarily for businesses which are keen to improve their customers’ experience by the use of advanced digital technology: touch screen self-service kiosks, specialized mobile and web apps, electronic bills and QR code-based payments. Open architecture of the solution makes it possible to bring in new partners quickly and easily.

SecurityThe security system is powered by the solutions of Thales e-Security, a leading global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years’ experience securing the world’s most sensitive information.

EfficiencyCanopus Connect makes it possible to bring the advantages e-banking and electronic payment services together.

ConvenienceCanopus Connect enables easy integration with retail-chains acting as banks’ paying agents.



  • Reduced costs of infrastructure management
  • Cost-effective way of distributing banking products and services
  • Business expansion through partnership with retailers
  • Online management of banking products in a secure environment


  • Ability to take any type of payment in one place
  • Ability to offer customers a variety of payment methods
  • Ability to offer customers account top-up and cash withdrawal services through partnership with banks
  • Better collection of payments


  • Maximum transparency in settlements
  • Greater variety of available payment methods and extra points of sale
  • Faster payment processing

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