The international webinar on How to create a payment business in Europe has come to an end

The past two-day international webinar on How to create a payment business in Europe has shown an active interest of the members of the Russian market to the expansion of their business boundaries.

The legal and economic aspects have been addressed by the representatives of the Russian and European companies, as well as the financial institutions, in the framework of their presentations
One of the brightest performances was the report by Maxim Ivanchenko, Director General of Canopus IT and founder of the Advapay project. “Unified solution based on the European payment institution and offshore bank” was the subject of presentation by Maxim Ivanchenko, where he addressed the complexity of interaction with the offshore banks and explained the legal aspects of the EU payment legislation. One of the key themes of his presentation was the proposal for establishment of the payment business in Europe “on a turnkey basis”. This type of service allows you to get advice on legal and economic issues, assistance in licensing, preparation of documents and building of complex IT solution.
Considering the number of questions raised by the webinar participants after, as well as during Maxim’s presentation, the issues which have been addressed by him are interesting for a substantial part of payment companies wishing to develop their business and to expand the horizons of their activities in Europe.
The records of the two-day webinar, as well as the presentations are available on the official website

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