Ended up an online interview with Sergey Yurlov

Another online interview passed on the informational portal Advapay, which caused a great interest among the participants of the Russian market of payment systems and services. These projects provide the opportunity to put their question to professional experts of the payments market, and the first persons of Russian and international companies.

On the April 13 our guest of online interview was a President of the Association of Payment Companies of the Czech Republic, Mr. Sergey Yurlov. Presenting its Association, Sergei Petrovich responded to questions relating to the opening of business of the payment procedures in the Czech Republic, he spoke about the benefits of a payment institution in the Czech Republic. From the side of the participants were also asked questions about the requirements for personnel, legal and economic aspects of doing business in the Czech Republic. With its high competence, Sergey Petrovich gave detailed answers to all questions that, hopefully, will help the representatives of the payment business to think seriously about developing their business in the Czech Republic and Europe.

A complete version of the online interview, you will be able to read on Advapay site.

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