Canopus Innovative Technologies offers a range of innovative financial software solutions built on robust, flexible and future-proof platform Canopus FS.
Canopus FS is designed to fully automate workflows of a present-day financial institution with STP (straight-through processing) technology applied wherever possible.

  • Automatic generation and posting of accounting entries

  • Production and dispatching of notifications

  • Calculation of fees and charges

  • Production of offspring transactions

  • Suspicious transaction monitoring

  • Limit

  • Generation of messages for correspondent banks

  • Automatic currency conversion

  • Processing of incoming financial messages


Canopus FS is a multi-currency system. Account balances are updated in real-time once a transaction has been validated and processed.Canopus FS enables multi-level transaction flow monitoring. Data protection is ensured through sophisticated internal audit and access control mechanisms.Canopus FS comprises two major subsystems: web-based front end and back office, which is subdivided into the operator / manager module and the administration module.Canopus FS is a modular system.Canopus FS is fully multi-lingual: multiple languages are supported both at data and GUI levels.Canopus FS easily integrates with external systems thanks to its open architecture and flexible API.

Competitive advantages
  • High flexibility to meet specific requirements of a particular customer. Quick time-to-market for new products / services without the supplier intervention
  • Real-time multi-currency accounting
  • All major international accounting and financial information exchange standards fully supported, e.g.: ISO8583, ISO20022, IAS30
  • Advanced internal control and security system
  • Extensive use of straight-through processing (STP) technology for business process automation

  • Multi-language capability
  • Powerful inbuilt reporting engine
  • User-friendly interface
  • Modularity
  • Open architecture

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