Company Complex solutions focused on the automation of the

- International banks

- Payment institutions and e-money issuers

- Corporate treasuries and holdings

CANOPUS Innovative Technologies deals with innovative solutions in the financial services industry. Since its inception in 1992 Canopus Innovative Technologies has been a software supplier and IT service provider to banks and payment institutions across the world.

As a result of more than 20 years of experience the company team realized about 150 successful IT projects worldwide.

The company has extensive knowledge and experience to share and make business prosper, bringing technology, efficiency and peace of mind.

Canopus Innovative Technologies offers flexible and effective solutions for various categories of clients from reputable banks with wide business history to promising financial companies at startup stage

Flexible pricing and various deployment options allow offering solutions for different categories of customers without compromising on quality of the software and support.

International banks
Payment institutions and e-money issuers
Corporate treasuries and holdings
1992 The history of the company development started with the focus on the Russian banking market, the first client was Megapolis bank in 1992. A range of the Russian banks became the clients of Canopus IT, among them there are Sydostroitelniy bank
1997 Then the geographic reach of Canopus IT was extended as the team of the company had worked out the international version of the Macrobank™, which supported multilanguage regime and the international standards of the financial reporting. The solution called Macrobank4 was released in 1997. Next generation system made Canopus IT one of the main players in its field in Russia and reputable competitor in the foreign market.
1998 In 1998 in Russia the solutions of Canopus IT brought a contract with FSUE Russian Post for the purpose of the Russian Post Lyubertsy branch automation services.
2000 Within the next period the amount of the clients increased every year. Canopus IT solution was integrated into more than 100 international offshore banks registered in different jurisdictions including Republic of Nauru, Montenegro, Anjouan (Ndzwani), the Caribbean, for example, Barrington Bank, Griffon Bank, etc.
2004 The next stage of the company development was realized in the field of automation of the corporate treasuries and in-house banks.
2007-2009 With the advent of Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC) in 2007 and E-Money Directive (2009/110/EC) in 2009 in the EU the company set a new progress direction covering the market of the payment institutions and e-money issuers

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